There are plenty of online news agencies out there, but how many of them let their readers have a real voice? The “Hear from Our Readers” section of most online news agencies is a small sidebar at best, but you can have your voice heard at COPress. COPress was created to be the best online news agencies only for residents of the state of Colorado. Here at COPress, we don’t think editorial, opinion, and slant should ever lean one way or the other when it comes to the news and voices heard, and that’s why we don’t allow contributions, we encourage it.

What good is making a news organization that is focused on Colorado, if we never hear from the residents of Colorado? That’s why COPress is always open to contributions from Colorado residents. If you know of a new tax hike in Glenwood Springs, or you want to discuss a new restaurant that opened in Castle Rock, or you want to voice how you feel about some new legislation issuing from the Capitol, COPress gives you a voice.

Why Contribute to COPress?

So why should you contribute to COPress? To have your voice heard and be a part of your Colorado community. Active participation in local affairs leads to change for the residents, and COPress provides you that opportunity to engage in the news arena you see fit. COPress also has a high readership so your article on pollution on the Arkansas River or editorial on Denver’s treatment of the homeless can be read and reviewed by different Colorado residents.

If you have a though-out, well-researched article or well-crafted opinion, don’t keep it to yourself, we’d like to hear from you. Check out the submission guidelines before submitting your piece. Once your piece is submitted it will be reviewed by our staff and put onto COPress as long as it is a well-crafted or informative article. COPress will not accept material that is vulgar, hateful, or obscene.

Do you want your voice heard? Then you’ve found a home at COPress. Browse around the site and send in your submissions to help make COPress the top online news resource in The Centennial State.

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