Denver defense attorney

If you’ve been convicted of criminal charges, the next few days and weeks can impact the rest of your life. Anyone convicted of criminal charges has the right to a defense attorney but unfortunately not all defense attorneys and firms have your best interests at heart. Will Frankfurt of Denver-based Frankfurt Law Office offers his expert advice on steps to take to hire the best defense attorney you can, even on a budget.

Denver Defense Attorney Offers Advice You Need

Start Local

Frankfurt recognizes that the appeal of the ‘big name’ law offices you see on TV or billboards can be challenging to say no to, but local will be your best option. Locally based defense attorneys tend to give more face time to their clients and know the local court system better than attorneys that bounce from area to area. The more localized you can get, the better.

Ask Questions During Interview

Before hiring an attorney or firm, you should sit down to discuss your case. Don’t worry; reputable attorneys don’t normally charge for consultations. When you interview your attorney, you should have a short list of questions including:

Who Will Answer the Phone?

If you’re calling the law offices of Jackson Schneider, you want to speak with Jackson Schneider, not his paralegal or law assistants. Any criminal case can make a huge impact on your life, so you must choose an attorney you can give you face time and peace of mind.

Who Will Work My case?

It doesn’t matter if the attorney answers their phone if they don’t handle the case. Again, you’re hiring the attorney whose name is on the building, not first-year law school grads. Make sure the attorney will personally work your case, not just “supervise” it.

Look for Specialization

Frankfurt points out that there are several types of criminal charges and types of defense attorneys, so hire one that matches your challenge. If you’re charged with a DUI, you want a defense attorney that specializes in DUI defense. ‘Catch-all’ criminal defense teams are good at everything, but a specialized attorney is great in the area you need help with.

There are more steps to take before hiring a defense attorney, but these steps are key. Start local, ask specific questions, and look for specialization. A great attorney can’t guarantee you an outcome, but they can be certain you get the best representation possible.