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The 2016 report from the National Solar Jobs Census is in and the future of solar jobs in Colorado is looking bright. Per the Census report, Colorado now ranks 10th nationally when it comes to solar energy employment, and 12th nationally when it comes to solar industry jobs per capita.

How the State’s Solar Industry Jobs Grew

The state of Colorado’s solar employment rose from 4,998 workers to 6,004 in 2016, giving Colorado a 20% boost in solar industry employees for 2016, and illustrating that Colorado is continuing to grow in terms of solar energy companies and employment.

Executive Director of Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (CSEIA) had simple but positive words for the census report when asked about growth, “The growth of solar was substantial last year in Colorado,” says Cantwell. The CSEIA points to utility-scale solar projects as a large contributor to the increase in jobs as more companies and privately-owned buildings are transitioning into renewable energy as materials and installation become more affordable nationwide.

Colorado wasn’t the only one enjoying a remarkable jump in growth. Per the census from The Solar Foundation, the nation added 51,000 new solar industry jobs in 2016, bringing the total of solar industry employees in the US to over 260,000 employees. The 25% jump in national solar industry employment is the largest percentage jump in employment since the census began in 2010.

The census gives a rosy outlook for solar industry jobs as more private homeowners and businesses alike are enjoying the lowered prices and fewer headaches that come with today’s solar technology. The Solar Foundation predicts that the industry will add an additional 26,000 jobs nationwide in 2017. States including California, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, and Nevada currently employ the most solar industry employees while states including Alabama, Alaska, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Maine were found to have the largest jump in solar energy employment.

About the National Solar Jobs Census

The National Solar Jobs Census has been annually released since 2010 and follows the growth and development of the solar industry across the United States. The Solar Foundation conduct the census, a non-profit whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of solar power technologies.