Spring has arrived in Colorado. For many Spring means the end of ski season, and the beginning of the summer outdoor fun with fishing and hiking. For some hunters, Spring means Spring turkey season, and a chance to bag a gobbler, and turkey hunting in Colorado has never been more popular.

Only about 20 years ago turkey hunting wasn’t the most popular game in the state, far from it, and most Colorado turkey hunters journeyed out of the state for their hunts. Now a combination of avid turkey hunters and an increased Colorado turkey population has brought new popularity to the Thanksgiving fowl.

Most of the success of increased turkey populations in Colorado and the national as whole can be contributed to the help of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF.) Director of the NWTF Crystal Adams states that the group has “put a checkmark” on the priority of raising wild turkey populations. The NWTF concentrates on habitat preservation and creation known as their “Save the Habitat Save the Hunt” campaign.

The NWTF is encouraging more people to get outdoors along with their save the habitat campaign, which has been recruiting younger Coloradans with youth and family-focused hunts.

Tips for Colorado Spring Turkey Hunting

Kevin Perry from Marolina Outdoors has some information from spring turkey hunting in the Centennial state.

Perry recommends hunting the Merriam Turkeys in Colorado’s mountains along the snowline where the birds are seeking new vegetation growth. You should spend at least a day scouting any locations with binoculars to recognize the birds’ movement patterns.

Perry went on to state that Colorado Turkeys, especially the Rio turkeys, are particularly vocal, so hunters should attempt plenty of calling. Perry states that though friction calls may be easier to use, they can spook the birds when they are closer, so learning to properly use a diaphragm call is recommended. He also added one last note that turkeys rely on sight more than any other sense, so make sure any stands or blinds are thoroughly camouflaged.

Turkey hunters are some of the most avid out there, and Colorado’s increasing turkey habitat and population has them excited. The President of the NWTF joked about the devotion when asked to give advice on getting into wild turkey hunting, “Don’t, it will ruin your life.”