‘America’s Most Trusted Horseman’ lives in Colorado and has long been teaching others how to properly saddle and ride horses, and what it takes to keep the beasts of burden happy. John Lyons assumed he would live out his simple life of teaching others and literally ride off into the sunset, but now Lyons has second thoughts, and maybe a second calling.

Though Lyons made good on his plans to sell his 70-acre ranch, what he wants out of the ranch now wasn’t part of the original plan at all – CBD and hemp. Both CBD and hemp manufacturing has seen a surge in popularity across the United States as marijuana laws have become more relaxed. After visiting a CBD and hemp convention last year, Lyons was ready to invest both his time and resources in the blossoming industry.

“We are trying to do everything we can to come out of the gates strong,” Lyons said of the business.

Lyons transformed the former horse ranch into the Colorado Hemp Institute and hopes to both help people and get in on an exciting new industry. They intend to fully transform the ranch into a research and development institute for several types of hemp and CBD products. This includes medical uses for CBD and industrial uses for hemp. The full plan for the ranch calls on eight buildings for R & D, working space for medical professionals, a spa, grow facility, hemp-centered retail outlet, a restaurant and much more. Lyons sees a total of a dozen buildings needed to fulfill the mission of the Colorado Hemp Institute.

Lyons has received letters of support and inquiries about CBD and hemp industry from states across the entire country. He admits he had his own negative disposition about the industry before getting started.

“Like most in my generation I grew up believing that everything marijuana is bad,” he said. “The only reason people don’t use CBD oil for health and illness is because they don’t understand it or have no knowledge of it.”

The value of the property combined with the value from several investors puts the net worth of the Colorado Hemp Institute around $25 million. The staff of the Institute aims to turn that money into beneficial products for all walks of life. “What a great opportunity to be able to help children and people of all ages through this amazing facility,” investor and business partner Ben Hegwer said.