Prepping a meal

It’s no secret that people flock to Colorado for the outdoor fun. Between climbing peaks, rafting rivers, and skiing slopes, people understand that Colorado is the place to go to take advantage of the great outdoors, but that’s not all there is to the Centennial State, have you tried our food?

Colorado has hardly been a culinary destination over its long existence, but the influx of talented chefs and restaurateurs into Colorado is quickly changing the face of the food scene and putting Colorado on the map, so much so that the popular culinary television show Top Chef has announced plans to tape its 15th season in Colorado.

The is the first time that the Emmy Award-winning will head to Colorado, and the head of Colorado’s film and TV office couldn’t be more pleased. “This is a big get,” said Donald Zuckerman, head of the Office of Film, Television, and Media. “Because Colorado is not looked on as a food destination. The best food show on television will show our great restaurants, ranches, farms, our lamb, peaches, wines… People will look at Colorado in a different way.”

Developers of the show point to the growing “foodie status,” and an influx of great restaurants and chefs to Colorado as their reason for choosing the Centennial state. “We are always on the hunt for the next great culinary destination, and Colorado is fast becoming a hot spot for young chefs and foodies, making it an ideal backdrop for our upcoming season,” said Bravo’s Vice President Shari Levine.

Top Chef is keeping individual filming locations under wraps currently, but viewers are likely to get a large tour of the state with restaurants in popular culinary destinations such as Aspen, Denver, Boulder, and Telluride.

As far as the judge’s table, you can expect to see your favorite food critics with Graham Elliot, Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons all returning. Production is currently slated to start in the latter part of Spring, and it should only be a matter of days before the list of “contestants” is released.

The increased exposure of Colorado’s culinary scene may have tourists off to Colorful Colorado with Yelp reviews and restaurant recommendations in hand rather than ski passes and hiking boots.