Michael Hancock

Look for some exciting changes around the Mile High City as Denver and Panasonic have recently partnered together to help Denver reach its technological development and sustainability goals.

While known as a maker of popular consumer electronics, Panasonic has recently pushed its goods and services that will help the customers of others. Besides their consumer market, Panasonic manufactures a variety of products such as infotainment systems for vehicles, batteries for electric vehicles, and large-scale energy management solutions for cities like Denver.

The Denver and Panasonic relationship will concentrate on developing technologies and networks to transform 400 acres near Pena Boulevard and Denver International Airport into a technological resource for the thousands of people that use the area, including residents of Denver. The project has received strong support from Denver Mayor Michael Hancock who envisions the project as a way for the airport and surrounding area to become a catalyst for further economic development around the whole city.

The project has already taken steps. The first phase of the project includes a micro energy storage solution for DIA and the surrounding area. The first steps are part of the big picture that will see a 1.3 megawatt AC solar canopy installed to serve the needs of the grid and provide backup power. The micro energy grid will be run by both Xcel Energy and Panasonic.

The second phase of the project is a mass deployment of smart-LED street lights along the airport. The street lights will use solar energy to light up the airport roads in a sustainable manner. The street lights will also be home to HD security cameras to better ensure the safety of those using the roads and sidewalks.

The first two phases come in combination with the new Denver Light Rail transit line that recently began operation in spring of 2016.

These first two phases are part of further action that Denver residents will see through the upcoming years. The Denver and Panasonic partnership looks to be a strong one, with Panasonic relocating their Enterprise Solutions Division to Denver in 2016.

The projects will continue their attempt to make Denver and other cities safer, more connected, and more sustainable in the future. If you want to find out more about Panasonic’s initiatives, take a look at their “CityNOW” campaign.