Winter garden tips

The dead of winter makes going out into your garden to work as appealing as licking a flag pole, but Denver residents should know proper work on the winter will have your garden prepared for spring planting. We spoke with Denver landscapers JS Enterprises on what you can be working on in the winter to have your landscaping good to go when the frost heads north for the year.

Winter Garden Maintenance Tips

Prep Your Spring Beds

Some overnight freezes may make your beds unworkable, but Denver winters typically have a few pleasant days where you can prep your spring perennial and annual beds. There’s no need to till the soil in cold conditions but you should try to level the beds and remove any leftover plant debris from last season. If the soil is workable, fill free to add organic matter to start infusing the soil with new nutrients.

Clean Up Debris and Tools

We can get lazy when the thermostat starts dropping which means your lawn and garden likely aren’t the tidiest. Take the slow times of winter to clean up tools and any leftover yard debris including sweeping the lawn of any leftover leaves. You can also organize your garden shed or work bench if applicable.

Winter Pruning

Most plants are dormant during the winter which means its time to prune. Concentrate your winter pruning on removing dead branches and unsightly limbs. If you aren’t sure you should be pruning a plant, don’t risk it or you could kill the plant. Chat with a local landscaper about what you can be and should be pruning during the winter months.

Start Planning

Even if the days are too cold to be outside in your garden you can still work on planning your future spring landscaping projects. You can utilize online resources to research what plants will work well and what you can experiment with in the new season. You can also consult with a local landscaper to discuss future projects. Planning will make you eager to get your hands dirty once the sun starts coming back.

There’s not much that you can do for your garden during the winter, but you can get it prepared for spring planting. Prep beds, knock out some winter pruning, clean up the lawn, and start planning your new spring garden. Winter days are short but before long you’ll be relaxing in your spring garden.