It can be easy to look at a contractor’s website and trust they’re not lying about their Better Business Bureau registration or their local licensing, but homeowners should always be wary. That’s the case of a Littleton family whose home was flooded with asbestos after hiring Jim’s Renovations. The asbestos spill alerted local officials that Jim’s Renovations was operating without any contractor or asbestos licensing. “I don’t want him to do this to anyone else,” said Natasha Mitchell, owner of the home that suffered the spill.

Mitchell isn’t the only one to get the brunt of Jim’s incompetence. Rosalyn Vette also hired Jim’s Renovations, and her project had been at a standstill for months. She wasn’t too worried about any dangers until she heard the Mitchell’s story. Both homeowners hired Jim’s for the simple task of scraping popcorn ceilings. Jim’s told the Vette family that they had nothing to worry about with asbestos, but that might not be the case. “He assured us that we didn’t have to have its tests,” said Vette. “It circulated through our whole house, and they didn’t do anything to contain it.”

The asbestos spill alerted the Colorado Department of Public Health about possible unlicensed work and hazardous conditions. According to officials from the Department, an investigation has already been launched targeting Jim’s Renovations. Despite what the Jim’s Renovations trucks say, authorities found the company is not certified by the state to remove asbestos. Jim Johnson, owner of Jim’s Renovations, could face fines up to $25,000 for the unlicensed work.

Alfonso Peters of Asbestos Professionals warns of the dangers of asbestos exposure. When disturbed the tiny particles can be inhaled – and that’s when you have big problems. Asbestos is a known carcinogen and exposure and has resulted in many cases of mesothelioma and other cancers. Only a certified professional has the training and equipment to tackle asbestos safely.

Luckily Vette’s home did not test positive for asbestos – though she fired Jim’s Renovations for incompetence anyway. She states that Jim Johnson of the company sent her threating text messages after she posted her experience on review sites.
For his part, Johnson states that he was unaware he needed to be certified for asbestos abatement and will stop after an order from the State of Colorado.