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Amazon recently announced that they’ve narrowed down the field of potential cities for its second headquarters, and Denver has made the final cut. Denver residents are on the fence about Amazon HQ2 on the Front Range. Some are eager for Amazon to bring 50,000 new jobs to the region while others don’t want the added congestion and further crowding for a city that’s already bursting at the seams. Unlike some of the other destination finalists, Denver has some unique problems Amazon must consider.

5 Reasons Denver Might Not Win Amazon HQ2 Bid

The Gridlock

You don’t have to live here long to know Denver has a traffic problem. While the traffic congestion in Denver isn’t quite on par with New York and Los Angeles, the fact remains that the current road and highway system is severely lacking in both condition and breadth. Major highways like Interstate 70 and 25 are clogged most hours of the working day – Amazon HQ2 would make the traffic much worse.

Affordable Housing

If you’ve looked for Denver homes for sale lately, you know about the lack of affordable housing already. With the influx of nearly 100,000 residents every year, Denver has a serious housing issue. If Amazon HQ2 chooses Denver, something will have to be done immediately for more affordable housing across the Front Range, especially in Denver.

Environmental Concerns

Denver likes to brag about taking care of the environment, but an Amazon HQ2 would be detrimental to Denver’s local environment. Some are fearful that Colorado’s relaxed laws and regulations could bring more pollution to a city that’s already infamous for its “brown cloud.”

Schools and Other Public Facilities

Though Colorado and Denver rank highly in many positive factors, education is not one of them. Denver and Colorado consistently lack education resources, rating, and spending. 50,000 new residents with children may create a further strain on the local education system that the city isn’t ready for.


Denver has always been a dry city due to its location, but recent years of drought have put Denver’s water needs in jeopardy. Some fear that a Denver HQ2 will put more strain on a water supply already taxed to its max.

How do you feel about Amazon’s potential in the Mile-High City? Do you think you can find a great job with Amazon, or would you rather they take their needs away from a city that’s already “at capacity?” Let us know what you think in the comments section below.