Denver Roofer

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down businesses and slowed down operations in seemingly every industry. COVID-19 comes with the start of spring, traditionally the time many Denver homeowners start new home projects, including roof repairs and replacements. Getting your roof replaced is an excellent spring chore, but how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Denver roofing?

We sent a few questions to Denver roofer, Roofcorp of Metro Denver, Inc. President Alan Parkes to get the inside scoop on what changes the local roofing industry has made and what to do if you need your roof replaced.

Q: What is Biggest Change in Denver Roofing Due to COVID-19?

A: The biggest change we’ve seen isn’t directly related to the roofing industry like the supply chains, but the attitude of customers. Normally at this time, our phones would be ringing with new business, but many homeowners aren’t thinking about their roofs. Some homeowners think roofing companies are shut down but because roofing is an essential business we’ve been continually operating during the pandemic.

Q: Can You Schedule a Roof Replacement without Violating ‘Safer at Home’

A: Roofing protects the integrity of your home, so we’ve always been considered essential. You could schedule a roof replacement during Denver and Colorado’s stay at home orders and you can still schedule a replacement once safer at home policies take effect on May 1st.

Q: Are There any COVID-19 Related Delays?

A: If the pandemic had started a few months earlier there might be substantial delays, but because most Colorado roofing suppliers began stockpiling for spring before the shutdowns, there aren’t many supply chain or material delays right now. There is a possible coming shortage of roofing nails, but many suppliers could load your roof with material tomorrow if you wanted it.

The real delays we’ve seen are in municipal and permitting processes. Many building departments and town halls are shut down across the Denver metro area, so there some delays in obtaining permits. We can still get them, just slower than usual.

Q: What COVID-19 Related Changes has Your Company Taken?

A: We’ve implemented federal and CDC recommendations across appointments and roofing projects. Our roofing consultants are scheduling virtual appointments and our crews are wearing personal protective equipment and on ‘no contact’ orders while on site. You can go through the entire process from first call to final inspection without making direct contact with anyone outside your home.

Q: What Do You Say to Homeowner Who Want to Replace Their Roof Now?

A: Conditions are absolutely perfect for roof replacement. Suppliers are stocked, our schedules are open, and temperatures are just right for installation. I wouldn’t wait, I’d get on a local roofer’s schedule before lines form.