You can find cannabidiol (CBD) at your local grocery store, pharmacy, even your local vet clinic. CBD is everywhere but what to use CBD for and how much you should use tends to vary depending on who you ask. 

Because CBD Oil is unregulated and clinical trials are in their infancy, it’s difficult to figure out proper CBD dosage, but luckily there are some legitimate studies and research that can help you figure out how much you should be using. Let’s learn more about dosing CBD including what affects dosing and how to get started with a regular regimen. 

Note: The following advice utilizes studies and numbers from reputable research institutions but only contains suggestions, not concrete medical advice. Anyone starting a CBD regimen should talk to their primary physician first. 

Using the FDA for Guidance 

To date the only FDA-approved medicine with CBD as its active ingredient is Epidiolex. Epidiolex was approved to treat seizure disorders including epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Because Epidiolex had to go through several clinical trials before approval, it gives us an idea of verified dosing recommendations, though only for treating seizure disorders. 

It’s recommended that users of Epidiolex dose 2.5 mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight twice a day. 2.5 mg twice daily has been verified to bring the most effective results with the least amount of side effects. While this is for seizure disorders, it sets the baseline for a safe dose 

Other Examples of Clinical Dosing 

The following dosages are pulled from clinical trials across the country. While these dosages are what researchers deemed appropriate for treating the condition they were studying, they do not have the same medical backing as Epidiolex dosing guidelines. 

  • Anxiety: 300-600 mg daily
  • Type 2 Diabetes: 100 mg twice daily
  • Parkinson’s Disease: 75-300 mg daily 
  • Cancer-Associated Pain: 50-600 mg daily 

Factors that Influence Dosage 

Like any other health and wellness product, the dosage is affected by numerous factors including weight, use of other prescription and illicit drugs, the form of CBD, and other medical conditions. Discuss these factors with your physician to make a more educated guess on proper dosage. 

Can You Overdose on CBD?

Though how much CBD you should use for different conditions remains relatively murky, you shouldn’t be fearful of overdosing. In a trial for Epidiolex patients were given up to 1,500 mg of CBD per day for 28 days straight but none showed any signs of physical distress or withdrawal once the trial was stopped. 

The World Health Organization has also evaluated CBD as mostly safe, with little potential for abuse, and has recommended CBD to treat numerous conditions. 

Figuring Out Your Own CBD Dosage 

Unless you’re taking Epidiolex all dosage amounts for CBD are suggestions, not concrete directions. Speak with your doctor about what you intend to use CBD for and only purchase CBD from reputable outlets to get the most out of this ubiquitous new product.