Cannabis oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is filling up headlines and making the rounds as early research demonstrates CBD may be effective in alleviating a variety of illnesses and conditions. Most who shopped for CBD oil had to buy their products strictly from dispensaries which led to plenty of awkward moments for those who wouldn’t normally find themselves in a marijuana shop.

Now Colorado residents can go to a local chain grocery store to find their CBD oil products. Lucky’s Market, a Colorado-based natural food store, is now selling over a dozen brands of CBD oil and products at its stores. Not states where recreational marijuana either – Lucky’s has placed the products at stores in over 25 states. Lucky’s Market receives financial support from national grocery store giant Kroger.

Can Lucky’s carry CBD oil products in states where marijuana is still illegal? According to director of Lucky’s Apothecary Sindy Wise, they’ve done their homework. Wise stated that Lucky’s company officials met with lawyers from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and were given the green light before stocking the product. Though the law remains murky, the federal government doesn’t seem interested in regulating CBD oil derived from hemp. Recently national chain Target added a selection of CBD oils to its websites before quietly pulling the products once they become a national headline. Target has not explained why the oils were pulled off the site.

CBD oils and CBD oil products are found in several other online stores and are being shipped to the continental 48 states including states where marijuana remains illegal. Local, district and federal courts have their hands full with mountains of cases and challenges about the legality of CBD and marijuana. Though the future of utilizing cannabis-derived products is in the courtrooms, its legality is progressing at the state level.

Marijuana is currently legal for recreational purposes in eight states and is deregulated in several more states. Marijuana remains a schedule I drug and federally illegal. Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use as part of a November 2012 ballot initiative. Recreational marijuana hit store shelves January 1, 2014.

Do you think CBD oil products should be allowed on a broader range of stores or do you think they should remain restricted to dispensaries and specialized shops? Weigh in on the comments sections; we’d love to hear from you.